Guest Networks

Guest Networks

A Guest Network us typically an open wifi network that a business makes available to their customers or "guests" for free, or a small fee.

Studies have shown that having free wifi available to your patrons can increase sales and revenue simply because they tend to hang around longer. Or like a bar offering free peanuts to their patrons, or a dentist keeping magazines in their waiting room, having free wifi for your clients is simply a convenience that makes your customers feel more welcome and comfortable while they are visiting you.  In some cases it can encourage your customers to stay longer and thereby increasing the number of their purchases.  These are all advantages to providing free wifi in your business, but what if you could use this guest access to the internet as a means of driving more traffic to your business.

When one of your guests first connects to the open wifi network, no matter what web page they try to access, the first thing that they will see is a message from you, welcoming them to your business.  You can use this as an opportunity to tell them about any promotions that you are currently running.  What about presenting them with your menu, or access to your business web page where they can gain information about the products or services that they may not know that you provide.  

Say, for instance, in order to gain unlimited access to the internet your customer was required to subscribe to your email marketing campaign, or visit your business' website or facebook page and click the like button.  What about requesting that your customer fills out a survey giving you insight into the quality of their visit.  All of this is possible with our managed Guest Network service.

By installing a Managed Guest Gateway onto your network there is no fear that your customers could gain access to sensitive information, or slow down your network.  Our Gateway is designed with security of the host network in mind.  The only thing that a client can see is what you want them to.  The safety of your guests is even taken into consideration and your guest network can be configured so that even if one of your guests devices is infected with a virus or malware  or is targeted by a hacker that every other device on the network is shielded from harm.  What many businesses who provide free internet to their patrons don't take into consideration is that without properly securing their guest network they could be unwhittingly be enabling hackers to victimise their patrons. 

Our technician will work with you and ensure that your Guest Network serves all of your needs.

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